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Cannabuddy SuperBalm (see intensity options)

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Cannabuddy SuperBalm is made with full spectrum third-party tested CBD blended into responsibly farmed coconut oil and other essential oils.  Salves allow you to provide extra supplement to the areas most in need, and we carefully crafted a highly absorbable blend to bring    Our salve is lightly scented with hints of calming lavender and vanilla from pure extracts.

For muscle and joint pain and inflammation and general sore spots, massage directly into the affected area for 90 seconds.   Expect to see results in about 30 minutes  May repeat as often as necessary. 

For relief from allergies, flaking or dry skin, apply a thin coat over affected area as needed.

Results can last up to 24 hours but
Ingredients are nontoxic, and in fact nutritious, so don’t sweat the licks!

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, organic hemp oil, organic Carnauba wax, vitamin E, lavender and vanilla essential oils, organic GMO-free full spectrum CBD

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