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Cannabuddy Bug Skin Relief Repelling Shampoo 8 oz

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Natural gentle cleansing with the power of hemp!   A light scent of lavender and citronella helps to ward off pesky and disease carrying mosquitos and fleas.  Non toxic and great for cats, too!

Cannabuddy Skin Relief Bug Repelling Shampoo is like the superstar of dog shampoos. Our shampoo naturally cleans and coditions while infusing the hair with a light scent of lavender and citronella to naturally repel pesty and disease-carrying fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes, it's gentle on the skin and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to help with any itchies!

Our spokesdog Angelina despite her dainty looks is a fan of leaping into puddles and ponds, and expert at finding stinky things to roll in. We developed our shampoo for dogs like her. She still gives the stink eye when she hears the word b-a-t-h, but she is always happy to be clean after! Angelina is also continually flea free without chemical oral or topical treatments.